I believe it is my purpose to change the system of entry and access for Black and Brown students in STEM.

I am deeply committed to paying it forward by mentoring the next generation of STEM scholars. 

I want to ensure our students never feel alone, hopeless, or not enough.

I’m their champion, their ally, and their mentor. 

I want them to feel empowered

I want them to feel seen and heard 

I want to provide a community 

I want them to know they are enough 

I want to teach students to develop a sense of agency

This is the spirit behind #AuntieJess to provide short term and long term mentoring for Black and Brown students matriculating in their STEM academic journey.

#AuntieJess is inspired by

my relationship with my amazing

Auntie's and Dr. Zhu

the mentor who changed my life.

Jessica with three of her Auntie's
Dr. Teng Zhu in front of Physics building at Grambling State University, 2006
Jessica laughing with her Auntie's


6-Week #AuntieJess I See You Fireside Chats

It is my mission to provide mentoring supports for Black and brown students and professionals in our STEM field. This workshop will build tools for you to thrive in 6 steps.

Step 1 - Let's Get Organized, Establishing core tools to stay organized and focused.
Step 2 - Who I Be?, Identifying your personal goals, passions, and desired career path.
Step 3 - Navigating STEM Politics, Developing tools to navigate effectively through your STEM pathway against current systems and structures.
Step 4 - Racial Trauma Group Therapy Session, Special session with licensed therapist to create "Racial Wellness Toolbox". 
Step 5 - Leveraging Your Resources, Working smarter; not harder, using Human Resources. Participants will gain an understanding into their rights as a student and/or employee.
Step 6 - Thriving in STEM, Launching participants into thriving in their STEM career pathways with realistic next steps.

Read more about my approach.



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Carina Nebula (visible and infrared) image credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble SM4 ERO Team

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